Hi, I’m Bryan!

So you’re here because you want to know more about me – the myth, the man, the legend, that is Bryan.

Well, maybe not. But you’re curious at least to know who the heck I might be and why does anyone pay attention to me, or hire me, and if you hire me, can I actually help you.

Simple answer of course is YES I CAN HELP YOU. But we’ll get to that part in a moment.

So, who is Bryan?

First, this is the “real” Bryan…
(and a bit about me)

You may wonder about the “virtual” Bryan – my little animated guy.

The animated “Bryan” is the artwork of Kyle Jones. I decided to use this “cartoony” approach because I wanted to be unique and stand out against all the “internet gurus” out there who are hawking their services.

You see, like you, I’ve been taken for a ride by a bunch of different coaches and “internet gurus,” who promised a lot and delivered not so much.

Every client I have has told me a story of how they paid X thousands of dollars to some other “guru” who did nothing for them. It pisses me off to no end.

I’m an advertising and marketing professional. I get paid to help OTHERS sell their products and services. That’s fundamentally different from internet gurus, who largely sell you YOUR dreams back to you, with promises that their “super secret coaching” (or course, or infoproduct, or software package) will allow you to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

The guru story is pretty typical. It always goes like this, “I was broker than broke broke… when suddenly I discovered the internet. By placing a landing page up and doing some tiny free or nearly free marketing… ever since that day I’ve been nothing but champagne and caviar.”

It’s utter bullshit. I struggled with that nonsense for three years.

As a marketing expert, I’m looking at this going “well I can’t argue with the results. Maybe they know something I don’t.”

Long story short – yeah, they did know something I didn’t. That what they were actually doing looked a lot more like Bernard Madoff than David Ogilvy.

So, my journey to shortcut success for myself and my clients ended in utter failure.

So if you haven’t made that work for you? Hey, me neither… and I’m not a rookie…

Just a Few of the Places I’ve Had My Work Published

I am an expert at trading words & ideas for profit.

What I’ve done for most of my life is used words an ideas to get people to do the things I want them to do. Must have been as a consequence of my upbringing as an Italian. We’re always negotiating and pining for someone to do SOMETHING.

In any event, I have written, published, and marketed ideas, products, and services for over 20 years now. I’ve been a trial consultant, a speechwriter, a policy consultant for the US Government, and a marketing/advertising executive. I’ve worked on things you would have seen on TV and events you would remember if I mentioned them to you. Unlike most of the people doing this type of work – I’m not some guru who just one day woke up, realized the internet was a great place to hoodwink people, and came up with a product launch to con people out of their money.

If it sounds like I don’t have alot of respect for the “internet marketing” people out there – that’s by and large a correct statement. I don’t. It’s one thing to sell your own con to someone. It’s entirely something else to be able to look at a problem, look at a product you don’t make, or a service you don’t provide, and come up with a way of making that product or service relevant to those who need it. That’s the hallmark of an experienced and  real marketing and advertising person – and that’s what I’ve done in my career.

I am an expert at leveraging the internet’s advantage.

I first remember the internet – 1989. I was playing with it on terminals that looked like something out of the “Fallout” series in Wilson Library. Clickety-clack on the keys, the web was entirely text driven, on glowing green and amber terminal displays. Most people thought the internet was totally dumb.

I thought it was AMAZING. Could talk to people all over the world – share information and data all over the world. I didn’t see the internet as what it would become, but I knew it was something I wanted to get really good at using it.

Here we are now, some 30 years later almost, and most people are spending 6-8-12 hours a day online. It’s clearly where everyone is spending the majority of their time interacting with media.

That’s the advantage the internet provides you (and anyone) over how it worked before.

You see before, you needed to have access to radio, or TV, or a newspaper. You needed to get someone else’s attention to say “hey, this guy is good, we should put him on radio (or TV, or print an article, etc.).”

Now, none of that matters. I mean seriously, I’m not sure even how long PR is going to stick around as a discipline. You don’t need to get other people to carry your message anymore. You can broadcast yourself. You can choose yourself.

That means that literally ANYONE willing to put in the time and the effort can compete against bigger, more established, and more “well known” companies – because the internet makes it possible for you to splice together potential customers from all over the world. We’ve never really had that ability before, but now it is available to basically anyone.

I’m an expert at that fact – helping clients choose themselves and put together amazing stuff for the customers they’d like to attract to their business.

I am an expert at generating business through automation.

I really love technology – but not for the sake of just using it. What I love about it is that you can use it to automate things that are laborious or repetitive. This frees you up to focus on the things that really require the highest levels of your skill and faculty. That’s what I do in my business and for my clients – I’m an expert at using technology (and integrating it) t0 help clients (and myself) maximize time doing the things that we really have to do ourselves.

I help my clients free themselves from the tyranny of the immediate (feeling they have to do everything themselves and pay attention to everyone else’s priorities) and I help them focus on the things they need to be focused upon to grow and scale their businesses. The things I wind up having my clients focus on the most really are two things: 1) working with the highest probability prospects to turn them into clients, 2) working wtih their best customers to get those customers MAXIMUM results (usually in the form of bespoke mentorship and apprenticeship).

I can sell more than just my own “product launch”…

And unlike most “internet gurus” out there – I actually have done major brand work (in my career in advertising). So it’s not that I just know how to sell my own ideas (which is hard), I can sell OTHER people’s ideas and products as well (which is damned near impossible for most “gurus” which is why they leave a trail of destruction in their wake).

Here are just a few of the brands I’ve worked with over the years (most of the work selling their top products primarily through online marketing channels):

I’m also a Pilot Wannabe, Packers Fan & Stay at Home Dad

Obviously my life is not entirely about work. So what do I like to do?

I’ve been studying to become a private pilot. Wanted to since I was a teenager.

Bottom line was I wanted to be a commercial pilot or an astronaut. I mean in the 1980’s – who didn’t!

But I’m only 5’5″ – so too short to go into space. Plus, my eyeballs are completely messed up (which is why I wear glasses that could magnify the sun strong enough to burn through steel).

I took my first flight lesson last September. It was AMAZING.

I’m also a die hard Green Bay Packers fan (GO PACK GO!) Last year, our entire family went to Lambeau Field in Green Bay and we watched a game about 30 feet from the Green Bay line. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

I’m also a Dad to my two daughters and a husband to my wife of almost 25 years.

My job allows me to spend my time as I need it (I definitely do more than 40 hours a week), but working for myself has allowed me to be there for the kids.

Although I lived in Washington D.C. for a decade (and both of our kids were born at the university I was attending – GWU), we moved back to our home town Minneapolis, MN.

And yes, it snows an awful lot here… and cold. HA! I scoff at what you think is cold. Unless you’ve been some place that’s so cold that your EYEBALLS feel like they’re going to explode when you go outside… you don’t know cold bub!

Can I really do what I claim to be able to do?

Look, there are a bunch of really scammy, conny, slimey, people in internet marketing. They all claim they know what’s what and that basically you’ll go from zero to a billion dollars a second if you just pay them whatever thousands they want for their new course or whatever.

I suppose I could tell that story – but one, I’m actually a marketing expert and not a con man; two, it’s not who I am or how I work.

But let’s talk for a moment about conning – shall we? Because it’s an important point to illustrate about how I work and who I am.

Ever wonder how a con man works the con? I mean think about that for a moment. Con men get people who KNOW they’re being conned to go along with the con anyways. I mean, never is the victim totally clueless about the con. They always say later, “I really should have known it was too good to be true!”

So how do con men pull it off then?

I’ve spent a great deal of time studying this – even talked to some of the best con men there ever have been.

They all have told me a very similar story, which I’ll boil down into this simple statement of how con men are able to accomplish their connning task.

A con man gets his victim (known in the parlance as “the mark”) not by trying to get the mark to trust the con man. Instead, the con man is successful by putting his faith and trust in the mark. Once the mark feels rewarded and trusted, all other objections dissolve away until the money is finally gone.

So consider Bernie Madoff, for example. His victims were some of the richest, smartest, best equipped investors in the world. The men and women who ran the various funds that Madoff swindled should have known better. But they all got conned because Madoff knew one thing about them that the victims failed to realize.

They wanted to get rich quick without risk.

So he USED that fact against them. He said “of course that’s possible, here, and I only do this for the smartest, richest, most astute clients… which of course you are… being as smart and astute as you are… you already understand just how this all works.”

But nobody understood anything how it worked. All they were in love with was all the phony statements Madoff’s firm sent them. They were getting richer and richer and they totally believed they deserved it – whatever trick Madoff was doing (which of course was doing nothing but spending their money) was going to make them rich.

That’s what nearly all of internet marketing does – they take the fact that so many of you want to just be “internet famous” and have the “laptop lifestyle” and just pow – make shit tons of money.

Many of you think there is a trick to it. There is… but not the one most “gurus” sell you.

It’s called hard work. It’s called marketing. It’s called understanding human behavior and building an audience.

If you’ve read my blogs – you know what I think it takes. You can indeed have a passive income lifestyle – but it’s not a road anything like you’ve probably been told about before.

I’m an expert marketing and a business consultant. I work with a specific type of client – people who are really good at what they do, and what they do can transform someone’s life.

I help those people build systems so they don’t have to scrape and worry about where clients are going to come from every month.

It’s not rocket scientry, and it’s not magic. It’s marketing. Plain and simple.

I’m not going to con you. My work is so good – it speaks for itself.

I know what you want – you want a business that works, that generates alot of revenue, and you don’t have to work 900 hours a week to make that happen.

Now, if I was going to con you, what I’d say is, “you’re absolutely right for wanting that, and it’s not your fault you haven’t gotten there yet.”

So, let me tell you this – one, you probably are not equipped to actually be an entrepreneur. If you were, you’d probably not need someone like me to show you how. Thus, what you need is someone to teach you how to actually think and act as a successful internet entrepreneur. Two, not everyone knows how to market their products and services; matter of fact, most people are awful at it. And as a side fact, no you can’t get awesome at marketing taking one course – which is why I act as a long term resource to help my clients get good at marketing strategy and HIRE marketing execution to experts (it’s also what I do.)

So, if you’re wondering can I do what I say?

Yeah, I absolutely can. For over 30 years I’ve made my living off my wits, thoughts, and writings. I most definitely can show you how to leverage the internet to do the same – which is probably something you’ve never really done before.

You should attend one of my webinars if you haven’t already. If you have – then you should take me up on the offer I make in each and every one to meet with attendees to discuss how they can use the strategies I use, blog, and teach about, every day.

Then let’s talk, and you can decide for yourself if I’m full of shit or the real deal.

(Hint: I’m the real deal.)

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