Who Wants To Get High-Ticket Clients by working LESS?

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Get High-Ticket Clients by working LESS

You can’t get more high-ticket clients even if you wanted to, because, you’re maxed out? There are only so many hours in the day. Between marketing, administrative headaches, and actually transforming the lives of clients – you’re already at a full schedule (if not 70 hours a week). This is the challenge that successful coaches, advisors, consultants, and nearly all service providers that are at the top of their game, must face. Some figure out ways around it, most do not. I’m going to show you how to work less AND get more high-ticket clients.

The Secret of Getting Clients to Come to You

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You desperately want to get noticed. Right? You’re blogging, and advertising, and writing, and doing stuff, and networking, and running yourself RAGGED chasing people. It’s a constant struggle – you’re chasing clients, or you’re desperately trying to do the work for clients, and then you’re chasing new prospects again. It’s a total treadmill – isn’t it? One I’m guessing you’re thinking is IMPOSSIBLE to get off. Wouldn’t it be great if people came to YOU? Well, they will (and you can make that happen), but only if you understand why chasing clients all day long won’t work, and how being someone “in demand” happens. Let me explain how you can finally flip the tables and go from being the chaser to the chased.

The Secret Art of Setting Price Properly

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What if I said to you there’s a place that sells a $100 cheesesteak every day. So many in fact, it’s the most prized item on the menu. People come to this place just to pay a hundred bucks to eat this hardened artery concoction of fat, goo, onions, and beef. Moreover, they wouldn’t have it any other way. They want to pay a hundred bucks and eat this culinary monstrosity. Would that get you to think differently about how you price?

Solve a Big Fat Hairy Middle-Aged Male Sweaty Problem

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I know how it goes – you struggle in your online business to build readers. You’re churning out content like a sausage grinder. You’re bouncing all over social media You’re working like a maniac. And still – nobody cares about your products or services. Nobody buys what you’re selling. I’ve been there. It took me a long time to realize why this happens. The reality is that even with the best of intentions, you have to ask yourself one simple question if you’re trying to sell something in the marketplace… Does this solve a big enough problem?