The Most Expensive Podcast

Ever wonder who has the most expensive cheese steak?

What about the most expensive purse?

Or the most expensive diamond?

Or the most expensive car?

And what makes them SO expensive. Are they really so much better than their counterparts? Are they SO good they can command 10, 20, 100, or a 1000 times more money than others?

A totally new type of podcast …

Let’s be frank – most marketing podcasts suck. Super suck. Like totally really suck. They’re not very entertaining, let alone very educational. They’re often done by marketers with just one idea in mind – sucking money out of your wallet.

This podcast is going to be something totally different. Why? Couple of things.

  1. Our podcast is going to be released in SEASONS. It won’t be serialized. We want you to BINGE away – like it’s Netflix. We are hoping that the podcast series is so good – you can’t consume just one episode in a sitting.
  2. We figure we’ll be lucky if we can do more than two seasons a year – because the seasons will take tremendous time to develop. Right now, we’re thinking there will be 15 episodes within a given season. The first season will be released probably in Q3¬†of 2017.
  3. Each season is going to be designed to teach you one thing – by an depth story¬†about how a particular strategy has been utilized across markets by some of the best people in the world. We’re out talking to some of the best brand managers who are day in and day out getting the HIGHEST prices for their markets. In addition, we’re going to have LOTS of people weighing in on what works, what doesn’t, and why. These are people beyond marketing – the academy, doctors, lawyers, and following the story wherever it leads and talking to whomever we need to, unraveling the mysteries of how these brands really work and why.
  4. Our focus is to produce a highly entertaining show that is also going to make you a better entrepreneur and sell high-ticket products and services.
  5. The format we’re going to try isn’t something that you usually see in marketing podcasts. Think NPR, meets Freakanomics, meets This American Life, meets Serial. It’s going to be a story that spans multiple episodes and is handled over an entire season. As you go with us on our journey to unravel the mysteries of how these brands command such amazing prices, you’re going to learn a lot about human behavior, how we value things, how stories are told, and how fortunes are won and lost.

So that’s what we’re trying to do. It should be pretty amazing if we can pull it off. My colleague in this project, Dino Dogan, is a fellow entrepreneur who has successfully started businesses and sold them for a tidy sum.

Again, it’s coming soon. If you want to be notified when it’s ready: