Frustrated? Stuck? Need help?

Sometimes, marketing and business challenges can be… well…

Downright hard.

I’ve totally been there and I totally get it. Sometimes you just need someone who’s been there and “knows the ropes” to show you a few shortcuts or a few ideas that might get things jumpstarted again. I’ve been lucky in my business in that I’ve had a great cadre of people I can call up who are experts in most of the challenges I faced – big data, studio production, photography, marketing, advertising, print layout, commercials, product design, etc., etc., etc., etc.!

I always need help. And when I need help, I rely on these experts who “know their stuff” to help me charge through and save the time and hassle of making myself crazy trying to “reinvent the wheel” solving a problem.​

But what about you? Do you have access to a large cadre of people who are experts in all the aspects of your business? Well, as a reader of this blog (or as members of our coaching programs), you do now – at least when it comes to advertising, content creation, marketing, and revenue generation.

Me. (If you want to hire me.)​

Whatever the issue is – if it has to do with business and marketing, chances are I’ve had to deal with it more than once. So if you’re struggling with a business challenge, chances are – I can probably help.

You may not be reading for coaching – you don’t have the time, or the maturity of your business (it’s not making enough money yet), or you just don’t want a coaching partner. I get it. So for those people, who just want from time to time to ask a “smart guy a few questions,” I came up with this service called – pick my brain.

In pick my brain – you pay a flat rate for a session – which is usually 90 minutes long. We discuss in advance via email what you want to talk about. Then I come prepared to give you actionable strategies and tactics to break through the challenge you’re facing. You drive the entire agenda and the solutions are tailored entirely to your needs.​

No fluff – just the good stuff.

And I’ll tell you up front if I’m not the guy to solve your problems. If I can, I’ll point you to someone who might be better to help you.

But here’s a short list of some of the issues I’ve tackled with clients (by no means exhaustive):

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Product Designs
  • Podcasting (production issues, distribution issues, getting talent for VO, getting shows produced, you name it!)
  • Branding challenges
  • Conversion problems
  • Website “stuff” (Seriously, anything web related – WordPress, coding, hosting, SEO, you name it – I’ve done it).
  • Video production
  • Customer Acquisition issues​ (not getting enough, losing them through the funnel, conversion problems, etc.)
  • Guest Blogging
  • Public Relations challenges

So, I challenge you to send me a hard problem! Chances are I can help you get back on track in a hurry.  This service is designed for people who need a little “jolt” of consulting to help smooth over the rough patches. If I think you need more than that, I’m happy to offer a standard consulting rates and we can discuss something more involved (maybe coaching or something else).

Ok Bryan, I’m sold, how much?​

Pick my brain rates start at $300 for one session. The session is 90 minutes long. Using the form button below, we can start the dialogue. Fill out the form with your challenge and pay to schedule your time. I study what you send me and I come prepared to solve your problem. We meet. You get instant marketing knowledge that fixes your problem. You go on in life super happy. Sound good? If so, let’s get going!