I get asked all the time "Hey Bryan! What do you use for...?

I totally get it - there's so much marketing tech out there, it's hard to know what's good and what's not. Here is some of the tech that I use that you might find useful. And please note, on some of these links I do get paid an affiliate commission - but even if I didn't - I'd still recommend them to you... and on many of the links, I don't get paid a single dime. That's how much I like what is being sold.​

Audio Production Tools (for podcasts and videos)

Adobe Audition (Windows and Mac)

Audacity (Windows)

eCommerce Tools





Learning Management Systems (For Courses)

Learn Dash

Website/Audio/Video Hosting​

Hosting: WP Engine

Hosting: Libsyn (Podcast Hosting)

Hosting: Blubrry (Podcast Hosting)

Managed Hosting: Rainmaker

Hosting: Duda

Video Hosting: Vimeo

Templates For WordPress


Thrive Themes

​Video & Webinar Tools

Webinars: Stealth Webinar (Automated Hosting & Serving of Webinars)